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aliexpress context search extension

Hello everyone!

Almost every aliexpress user striked to situation like this: you browse some web shop, found nice product, and would know, if it already on aliexpress? In common situtations, you need to do these steps:

  1. select product name
  2. right click on selection
  3. choice ‘copy’
  4. open new tab in your browser (like google chrome)
  5. paste ‘’ in navigation bar
  6. hit enter
  7. find search input field
  8. paste product’s name (which placed in your clipboard now)
  9. hit enter.

Pretty alot, huh?

But with “Aliexpress context search” Chrome Extension, all the steps below collapses into:

  1. Select product name
  2. in right click menu select “search this on aliexpress”


Thats’ all!

Really, this is very useful extension, which saves me a lot of time, surfing different store.

So, link for download in is here:


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